1.15.17- Ears to Hear (Part 1)

Pastor Daniel White begins a new sermon series looking through the book of Revelation. The sermon series begins with discussing the Church in Ephesus.

2.12.17- Ears to Hear (Par 2)

Pastor Daniel returns to his sermon series Ears to Hear and discusses the challenge of God's word to others, as well as ourselves.

2.19.17- Ears to Hear (Part 3)

Director of Children's Spiritual Formation Cara Cavicchia walks us through part of the book of Revelations, specifically looking at the Church of Philadelphia - and philly cheese-steak sandwiches.

2.26.17- Ears to Hear (Part 4)

Pastor Daniel White walks us through the Book of Revelations as we approach Lent by looking at two of the churches addressed in the book.