July 2018

7.1.18 - Can you drink from the cup?

Daniel White continues by exploring the questions of Jesus- this week focusing on drinking from the cup before Jesus.

7.8.18- Were not 10?

Continuing with another Good Question, Pastor Daniel reflects on Jesus asking "Were there not 10?"

7.15.18 Return of the Virtual Son

Guest preacher Rev. Dr. Michael Bruner returns to Spokane to preach on the Prodigal son and how technology can affect our Christian Faith.

7.22.18- Why did you doubt?

Jesus is into Questions. So Pastor Daniel decided to talk about some. This week he discusses doubts.

7.29.18 - How will you believe?

The very first things recorded from Jesus were questions. This week we talk about one of the 307 questions that Jesus asked: How will you believe if I tell you about heavenly things?