3.01.17- Seven Deadly Sins (Part 1)

Forrest Buckner, Dean of Spiritual Life at Whitworth University, teaches us about pride in the first of a seven part series about the Seven Deadly Sins.

3.05.17- Seven Deadly Sins (Part 2)

Rev. Dr. John Williams begins our Lenten series on the Deadly sins. He discusses the sin of envy.

3.12.17- Seven Deadly Sins (Part 3)

Dr. Keith Wyma preaches the second message in our series on the Deadly Sin of Wrath.

3.19.17- Seven Deadly Sins (Part 4)

Dr. Josh Leim preaches on the deadly sin of sloth. This is the third part in our Seven Deadly Sins Lent sermon series.

3.26.17- Seven Deadly Sins (Part 5)

Pastor Daniel gives a lesson on greed in the fourth installment of the seven deadly sins sermon series.

4.02.17- Seven Deadly Sins (Part 6)

Pastor Daniel White continues our lessons on the deadly sins. Today he discusses gluttony.

4.09.17- Seven Deadly Sins (Part 7)

Pastor Daniel completes the Seven Deadly Sins sermon series on the topic of lust.