9.18.16- Simplify the Word

Pastor White begins the Simplify series by examining the Word and how we can find better understanding.

9.25.16- Simplify the Trinity

Pastor White discusses the essential tenet of the Christian faith known as The Incarnation. 

10.02.16- Simplify Incarnation

Pastor Daniel White speaks about the Incarnation in the third part of the Simply series.

10.09.16- Simplify Grace

Pastor White examines Grace and how we may attempt to simplify and understand what it means.

10.16.16- Simplify Election

Pastor White walks us through what it means to grasp the essentials of Grace in Christ. This is the fourth segment in Whitworth Community Church's "Simplify" series. 

10.23.16- Simplify Church

Pastor White walks us through what it means to Simplify Church, yet to also gather a much deeper meaning from the word. 

10.30.16- Simplify Leadership

Pastor Daniel explores what Leadership is as an essential to the Christian message and faith. 

11.06.16- Simplify Obedience

Pastor Daniel discusses how obedience factors into the Christian life as Whitworth Church wraps up its "Simplify - Essentials of the Christian Faith" series.