1.1.17 - Morning has Broken

Pastor Tom Sutherland shares his reflections on Exodus and God's treatment of his people as a new year begins. 

1.08.17- What If

What if the New Years resolutions we all make were focused on others and not ourselves?

4.23.17- Seeing Jesus

Pastor Daniel reflects on Doubting Thomas, faith, and missed opportunities.

4.30.17- Abraham Lincoln Sermon on the Mount

Scholar and historian Dr. Ronald C. White, visits Whitworth Church to speak on Abraham Lincoln: The Sermon on the Mount on the last Sunday of April.

5.07.17- Walking with Jesus

Pastor Daniel White speaks about walking with Jesus by reflecting on the road to Emmaus.

5.14.17- A Metaphor of a Parent's Love

Guest speaker Amy Borjas celebrates Mother's Day with us at Whitworth Church by exploring Hosea from the point of view of a mother.

6.18.17- Interview with a Father

Pastor Daniel White interviews father, husband, former professional rugby player, and passionate follower of Jesus, Dan Cantillano.

6.18.17- Children of God

Pastor Tom Sutherland dives into Romans chapter 8 on this Father's Day.

6.25.17- Come & See

Rev. Dr. Forrest Buckner Guest preaches on hiding from God and how we should seek the one who see us.

10.29.17- Revising Wittenberg

Whitworth Church celebrates the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation by revisiting Wittenberg and the 95 theses.

11.05.17- Forced to Flee

Rev. Dr. Forrest Buckner speaks on World Refugee Sunday about the 65 million Refugees that are living in a displaced state and how we as Christians can join God to work in unity in our world.

12.24.17- Eggshells

Celebrate Christmas 2017 with a sermon by Pastor Daniel White.

12.31.17- What are you Longing For?

Pastor John Williams helps us prepare for the New Year by asking us What are we Longing for?